I am a User Experience Designer with multiple years of experience based in Philadelphia. Currently open to remote positions!


The intersection between humans and technology has been my life's greatest passion for as long as I can remember. As someone who values harmony, technology's ability to reduce friction in our day-to-day lives and connect us with others provides me too many stimulating challenges for a lifetime, let alone a day. I genuinely believe we are at a crucial turning point in history where our decisions as designers today will impact generations to come, and I'm happy to be here for it.

While I'm no stranger to user research, user flows, prototypes, and even code, what separates me from other designers is my ability to become my user and carry that perspective with me to the last days of QA. I think today's designers spend too much time worrying about buzzwords, when the vast majority of our impact comes from powerful empathy and evangelizing for a user-centered design philosophy.

This working model has allowed me to make an impact at every institution I've set foot at. At ZS Associates, I was promoted from a contractor to a Senior User Experience Designer within two years for bringing innovative user-centered thinking to multiple large healthcare companies. At my co-op with Oracle, I took legacy software used globally and brought it into a new, modern, design system, convincing them to keep me long past the end of my co-op. And with Overcoming MS, I led a team of designers and engineers to bring the non-profit's holistic lifestyle management program to their community, winning multiple awards in the process. I'm sure I will bring a similar impact to your organization as well!


Reach out using one of my socials or email me at business[at] business[at]